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Universoul Massage welcomes all. The moment you walk in, you will feel a sense of calm. From there, you will receive a completely customizable massage experience.

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Miranda is focused on developing treatment plans specifically tailored to your individual wants and needs.

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Our Services

Each massage is tailored to meet your needs for each session and can be designed to aid injury recovery and pain relief, or relaxation and stress relief. Choose the pressure that is just right for you.

All treatments include:
- 60, 75, 90, 120 minutes of HANDS ON time
- Hot towels - Heated table - Heated neck and back packs
- Little Moon Dream Cream; an amazing muscle rub
- Aromatherapy per your request! Add your favorite aroma to your massage


Add ColorUp CBD massage oil to any massage. CBD, jojoba oil, and arnica help to reduce stress, and alleviate tense muscles.


Choose between silicone and fire for this treatment. Cupping increase circulation, and can help loosen adhesions. Add cupping to any service with no additional time added to your treatment. The cups are used as a tool throughput the massage.

Fire & Ice

Hot stones help to relieve muscle tension and pain, while cold stones reduce swelling, and can decrease muscle spasms. This treatment is perfect for those with injuries, chronic and/or acute issues.


Add Guasha to any massage with no additional time. Guasha is done with a jade stone. The stone is used to “scrape” muscle areas. This helps to improve circulation, and break up adhesions.

Hot Stone

Add hot stones to any massage. Hot stones help promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve muscle tension and pain.

Peppermint & Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

End any massage with this amazing scalp treatment. Peppermint is refreshing, while tea tree is antimicrobial which can help battle dry scalp. These are mixed with jojoba oil and massaged into the scalp. This treatment is an additional 10 minutes.

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